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Remote Analysis Capability for X-Ways Forensics: F-Response

If you need to acquire or examine storage devices or main memory of remote computers, over a network, or cloud storage space, you can use F-Response in conjunction with X-Ways Forensics. F-Response by Agile Risk Management LLC makes various remote data sources completely accessible locally on the examiner's machine. The F-Response connection is completely read-only, functioning much like a software write blocker. F-Response also allows to access target computers that are running Linux and Mac OS X.

F-Response needs an additional dongle. A license allows you to use F-Response from the time when you receive the dongle for 1 year. After that the license expires, but can be renewed for a reduced price until 4 weeks after the expiration (contact us). F-Response can be purchased from X-Ways, but we offer it only to customers in the EU and in the US. F-Response comes at a fraction of the cost of what you would have to pay for a competing software.

There are different editions of F-Response: Tactical, Consultant (analysis of multiple computers at a time with a single dongle), and Enterprise (optionally non-GUI, service-based, designed for corporate wide covert deployment, scriptable installation, single dongle). Consultant + Covert is the traditionally non-covert (GUI) Consultant version of F-Response + a 2nd "Covert" console designed to allow direct deployment to a single covert target, a great and cost-effective solution. All licenses for F-Response are non-perpetual license, i.e. allow you to use the software for a limited time only. 

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Videos: X-Ways Forensics and F-Response ConsultantX-Ways Forensics and F-Response EnterpriseRemote access to RAM

Manuals: F-Response Manual v8 F-Response TACTICAL v8 Quick Reference Guide Programming with the F-Response API (with Consultant Edition and higher)

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