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WinHex Knowledge Base

(3rd-Party Resources)

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hex editor, disk editor, RAM editor for data recovery and more (details)

The following documents originate from all over the Internet and deal with topics that are related to WinHex. Copyright by the respective authors. The documents that are hosted directly on this server are supposed to be freely distributable. If not, please send e-mail so that they can be removed here. Disclaimer: The information provided in this section is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. As these links have only been collected by us, we neither guarantee they will work nor do we endorse or in any way associate ourselves with their content.


10-Step Hex Editing Course (currently broken - HTML, requires Sun's Java 2 RE plug-in)
What is a Megabyte? (HTML)
Little Endian vs. Big Endian (HTML)

Character Sets ASCII Character Set (HTML)
UTF-8 and Unicode (HTML)
ASCII and Unicode (HTML, ZIP)
Hashes, checksums & digests Digest Algorithms (strong one-way hash functions) (PS)
The CRC Mystery (HTML)
Painless Guide To CRC Error Detection Algorithms (HTML)
Hash Algorithms (HTML)
Sorting hash databases with the DOS sort command (TXT)
Sorting hash databases with MS Access (TXT)
Cryptography Learning Cryptography (HTML)
Glossary (HTML)
Introduction to Cryptography (HTML)
PC1 Encryption Algorithm (Sources) (HTML)
Compression zlib Homepage (HTML)
zlib: Technical Details (HTML)
File Systems, Hard Disks,
Partitioning etc.
Disk Concepts and Troubleshooting (HTML)
Structure of a FAT16-formatted Hard Disk (HTML)
FAT File System I (HTML)
FAT File System II (TXT)
FAT32 File System (HTML)
File Systems HowTo (HTML)
Recovering NTFS boot sector on NTFS partitions (HTML)
Tutorial on Hard Disk Partitioning (HTML)
Partition Types (HTML)
Computer Boot Sequence (HTML, big)
SmartMedia Card Format (PDF)
Disk Cloning and Imaging,
Partition Backup
Microsoft System Preparation Tool (HTML)
Microsoft System Preparation Tool (currently broken - HTML, Download)
Disk Imaging/System Preparation Tool White Paper (currently broken - DOC, in self-extracting ZIP)
Making Partition Backups With WinHex (HTML, here in German)
How to Make a Bootable CD (currently broken - PDF) (El Torito specifications - currently broken)
Data Recovery/Data Erasure

Data recovery services offered by X-Ways (HTML)
Data recovery services around the world (HTML)
Remembrance of Data Passed: A Study of Disk Sanitization Practices (HTML)
Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and Solid-State Memory (currently broken - HTML)
EFS (encrypted file system) recovery (HTML)

Machine Code Intel x86 Commands (TXT)
Opcodes (HLP)
Assembly Programming (HTML)
Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual Volume 1: Basic Architecture (PDF)
Volume 2: Instruction Set Reference (PDF)
Volume 3: System Programming Guide (PDF)
On-line Intel documentation (HTML)
Floating-Point Numbers

IEEE Standard 754 (currently broken - HTML)

Virtual Memory Win32 Memory Management (DOC in ZIP)
File Formats BMP (TXT)
GIF89a (TXT)
Intel Hex (TXT)
Java Class (HTML)
Motorola S1 (TXT)
Motorola S2 (TXT)
Motorola S3 (TXT)
MS Excel (HTML)
much more...
and even more... (HTML)
Computer Forensics Books
demonstrating WinHex

Guide to Computer Forensics and Investigations, Second Edition, by Amelia Philips, Bill Nelson, Frank Endinger, et al.
Computer and Intrusion Forensics by George Mohay, Alison Anderson, Byron Collie, et al.
Computer Forensics: Computer Crime Scene Investigation by John R. Vacca
Security Warrior by Cyrus Peikari et al.

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