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Editer avec des Formulaires

Example of a template:

A template is a dialog box that provides means for editing custom data structures in a more comfortable and error-preventing way than raw hex editing does. The data may originate from a file, from disk sectors, or from virtual memory. Especially when editing databases, you may prefer to define a custom template for ease of access to the records.

A template definition is stored in a text file. The template editor enables you to write template definitions and offers syntax checking. A template definition mainly contains variable declarations, that are similar to those in source code of programming languages. The syntax is explained in detail in Appendix A of the user manual.

The supported data types include all the common integer, floating-point and boolean variants, five date types, hex values, binary, characters, and string types. Arrays of both single variables and groups of variables can be used.

The ability to move freely forwards and backwards within the data makes using templates particularly flexible:

  • The same variable may be interpreted and manipulated in several ways.
  • Irrelevant data sections can be skipped.

The template manager lists all text files in the WinHex directory that contain template definitions. The title of the template along with a description, the filename, and the date and time of the last modification is shown. Click the Apply button to display a template using the selected template definition for the data in the current editor window at the current position. You may also create a new template definition, delete or edit an existing one.

WinHex comes with several sample templates, particularly such that enhance access to the FAT file system data structures.

>>> Click here for additional templates <<<

User Templates

Please feel encouraged to contribute your own template for editing common file formats or data structures. We would like to present it on this web site.

If you agree, your name and/or e-mail address will be displayed next to the template on this web site and/or retained in the header of the file.

WRT formatting, the sample template definitions included in WinHex provide a model that you may follow. Suggested tab size is 3 characters. Please label your variables and write comments within the template definition in English.

You may submit your template(s) via e-mail. Thank you very much in advance for your participation!